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Our Story

There once was a psychiatrist who immigrated to New Zealand. He worked in Elder Mental health here in New Zealand and was not at all happy with the care provided to our elderly population. He dreamt of an ideal home for this vulnerable part of our population. He did not have any means to start a project that was close to his heart immediately. His name is Dr Mohammad Shuaib. In Dr Shuaib’s culture, elderly members are treasured and considered a source of wisdom for younger generations.

He wanted to open a rest home where older people are respected and treated with dignity in an environment that encourages independence and where they can live to their maximum potential.

One day an opportunity arose where he bought a rest home to fulfill that dream of providing an ideal home for residents and was determined it would work out.  As soon as the facility was purchased, a major renovation task began.  The idea was to upgrade the facility to create an environment where the provision of high-quality service can be ensured.

The focus was also on hiring quality staff. A full time Clinical Nurse Manager was recruited immediately, along with Registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Chefs.

An important part of the new venture was to choose a name which would reflect the rest home’s values. The task was given to the Rotorua community. An overwhelming response was received, with a short list being made and put to the vote again. Given the final say, the Rotorua community chose “Makoha”, the meaning of which best reflects our values: “kindhearted, compassionate, gentle, tranquil, considerate, undisturbed and amiable”.

The facility was finally opened on 22 February 2014 by The Honourable Steve Chadwick, Mayor of Rotorua and The Honourable Todd McClay, MP for Rotorua.

The facility of Dr Shuaib’s dreams had opened, but this is just the beginning of a long journey.